Do you wish an online tool that can assist you to complete workflows more easily and more time saving?

We all know how it goes…

Over the duration of a project all team members have different requirements: the director wants to see the latest self-tapes. The current casting options need to be put together for the client and the production office wants the latest download-link of the project.

Self-tapes are sent from a host of different sources. Castings take place simultaneously in several cities. And you yourself want to concentrate on the content, keep track of everything and master all technical requirements quickly and competently.

With CastConnectPro you have a strong online-tool being prepared for every project in the best way possible – whenever, wherever.

As a casting director, production company, or as an agency for extras.


Whether it’s self-tapes, or short ways of communication with colleagues, or creating new profiles, or uploading live castings, or, or, or …
CastConnectPro is easy to use and perfectly designed for our requirements as casting directors. It’s just great.
CastConnectPro makes it much easier for me to work!

Anna Slater
Anna Slater Casting DirectorAnna Slater Casting - Website

“At this point we are managing all our projects with CCP. It especially makes the collaboration process on larger projects easier. No more lists in word or excel, with links that don’t work. The presentation runs with push of a button. The new functions for the selective control of the presentation as well as the internal comments are excellent.

The creation of actors’ profiles as well as the upload of castings are easy to carry out. This makes a flexible and swift exchange and communication with directors, producers and clients possible, without the counterpart or even us as users having to need in-depth technical knowledge. Especially if several casting directors from different countries are working together on a project the CCP has proven itself through its easy usability as well as the possibilities of the presentations it offers. Its range of functions as well as the optical representation have been praised by British as well as Romanian colleagues and clients.

An Dorthe Braker and I also use this well-thought-out tool to archive our projects and thus always have access to completed projects and numerous cold readings and castings.”

An Dorthe Braker & Karimah El-Giamal
An Dorthe Braker & Karimah El-GiamalCasting DirectorsAn Dorthe Braker on IMDb

„A casting tool you have actually been waiting for: online, everything directly linked, always up-to-date, with different access rights.
All that in an appealing, intuitive and clear design, that it is a daily pleasure to work with it!”

Ingo Fliess
Ingo FliessProducer - if...Productionsif...Productions

“CastConnect Pro is the ideal tool for casting. An absolute benefit! CastConnectPro simplifies collaboration online, saves a lot of time and it is a pleasure to work with. ”

Stephanie Maile
Stephanie Maile Casting DirectorMaile Casting

“Cast Connect Pro is a good tool for my collaborations with the director and the production office. Due to its concise casting-presentations the whole team is always up to date. Great!!!”

Franziska Aigner
Franziska AignerCasting DirectorWebsite

“Cast Connect Pro makes communication between film partners quick and easy. Cast Connect Pro is simple, easy to learn and to use. A dream tool for every film production…”

Bernd Krause
Bernd KrauseProducerBernd Krause on IMDb

“I love this program, because it simply works!”

Anne Walcher
Anne WalcherCasting DirectorWebsite

Cast Connect Pro’s way of presenting auditions online, provides easy, structured direct access. Communication with team-members about results is simplified significantly. Anytime and anywhere one can watch auditions and reflect upon results. No one can say „I couldn’t see it, so I can’t judge. However, this also means: from now on everyone must form his own opinion!”

Rainer Kaufmann
Rainer KaufmannDirectorRainer Kaufmann on IMDb

With Cast Connect Pro the entire casting process can be organized very efficiently and clearly structured.CCP facilitates communication amongst casting department & production office, is easy to use and visually appealing.

Kathrin Küntzel-Sedler
Kathrin Küntzel-SedlerRoxy FilmWebsite

“Finally a well thought out platform, developed with lots of practical input. Easy to use.  It’s fun to work with it.”

Daniela Tolkien
Daniela TolkienCasting DirectorDaniela Tolkien on Imdb

You stay in control

Whether it’s about notes, comments, blocked dates, or particularly sensitive information such as salaries: You determine, if, when and who gets to see what when.
What can take up large amounts of time with a regular workflow is executed swiftly with CastConnectPro and you can concentrate on your actual work.

No installation required

If you can use a browser, you can operate CastConnectPro. With just a few clicks you can create custom-made presentations and pdf-summaries with all the necessary/desired details (comments, blocked dates, agency contacts, and more).
For larger and international productions you can scale up team and activate the relevant project in a matter of seconds for as many additional staff members as you like.

Preserve the tried and tested

Use your favourite actors’ databases. Research just the way you like it.
Cast Connect Pro helps you to professionally manage your projects and easily compile casting videos from a variety of different sources and to make them available so that all relevant parties are always up to date. Worldwide and secured.

Actors’ catalogue

Thanks to the integrated actors’ catalogue you have direct access to the profiles of a large number of established performers. If needed, you can generate a profile in the international catalogue yourself.


Runs instantly on all browsers, such as Safari, Firefox,
Chrome etc.


Clear and individual casting presentations for director, production-crew, customer


Quick viewing of videos and audio files with the built-in preview


Self-tape uploads from all devices


Cast Connect Pro actors directory and own talent database

Teamwork online with Cast Connect Pro

collaborate, organize, communicate

Casting Director

Leads the project. Generates character-profiles. Puts together the project team. Coordinates and determines who is allowed to see what when and who is allowed to edit. Regulates the communication of information, blocked dates, salaries etc.


Uploads eCasting and can complete the information of his/her profile in the international actors’ catalogue of CastConnectPro.


Uploads auditions from the studio directly into the project files.


Receives coordinated presentations and updates from the casting director. Prioritizes, comments. Additional internal domain for secure communication with the casting director.

Production office

Receives coordinated presentations and updates from the casting director. Prioritizes, comments.


Receives a presentation from the casting director/ production office tailored to the final cast list of the project.


Security via encryption. All the data is secure during transfer as well as on our servers, which are located in a high-security data center in Germany. All accounts are strictly separated. Others only get to see what you allow them to see.


Security through back-ups. With CCP you have everything in one place. Nothing gets lost; a security back-up takes place every hour. In a matter of seconds you have access to all archived projects and the corresponding notes.


You keep your freedom of choice and of operation: You can download all your content as a compressed zip-file at any time. You can terminate your account monthly. But nothing will be deleted. You can re-activate your account any time and will have immediate access to all your data.


Casting directors, production companies and extras agencies worldwide using CastConnectPro to manage their projects.


Images, Videos, Documents


Uploaded self-tapes

4 languages

CastConnectPro runs in German, English, Italian and Spanish. Any further language can be added easily.

14 years development

From the first ideas, through the prototype to the current version.

24/7 Support

Questions? Just call!